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Sample Puzzles

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The following clues demonstrate some of the encoding methods you may encounter during DASH. These puzzles were used in other events, as noted, and are reproduced here with permission.

Typical clues often involve simple codes such as alphanumeric (A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26), Morse code, Braille, semaphore flags, and occasionally others. For DASH, each team will receive a code sheet as a reference aid.

Hints below are displayed in white text; highlight each HINT with your mouse to make it visible. Solutions will appear in a new browser window when you click each link.

All of these puzzles solve to a single English word or a short phrase.

Sample 1: "Capricorn"

Clue Hints Solution
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Download PDF
HINT: With what might you find "*0#" in a row?

HINT: Every greek letter corresponds to a row of buttons on a touchtone phone. Tracing the rows on a phone pad will form a set of letters to spell out the answer.

Sample 2: "Taurus"

Clue Hints Solution
(Audio only)

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HINT: You won't need titles or artists to get the answer; all you need to do is listen.

HINT: The lyrics to each song snippet contain one word that sounds like a letter. Example: OH baby baby = "O."

Sample 3: "Beer"

Clue Hints Solution (PDF)
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Download PDF
HINT: Some are saying that GUNS are a SINE of the times...

HINT: Once you've finished making anagrams, notice that the colors on the coaster are the same as the Irish national flag. What else can you do with flags?

Sample 4: "Listen2This"

Clue Hints Solution
(Audio only)

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HINT: That sounds like Daredevil, the visually impaired superhero...

HINT: There are two different "clang" noises, and they sound a total of 126 times. Factor that number: 126 = 2x3x3x7. What comes in patterns of 2x3?

"Capricorn" and "Taurus" from BANG 12 (October, 2005) by coed astronomy
"Beer" from BANG XX (March, 2009) by XX-Rated
"Listen2This" From Justice Unlimited (July, 2004) by Team Snout