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Portland, OR Recap

Seven teams, comprising twenty-eight players, showed up for the Portland DASH on September 13, 2009. Everyone finished ahead of schedule and appeared to have lots of fun doing it!

Due to our small Game Control (GC), we delivered most hints using pre-printed envelopes. Every clue save one came with an envelope labeled "Hints," and inside that envelope were more envelopes containing individual hints. Most clues came with three hints; Bureaucrat Cracker Company came with two; Slim's Hardware had the GC help line phone number printed on the clue.

Our only real snafu occurred just before noon, when one team matched an incorrect solution word for Fistful O' Dollars to a decoy location on the crossword-clue map. (They took the cards left over after discarding all the named groups, anagrammed the letters indexed from the casino names to STRIP, and matched that to "Sally forth.")

The first team arrived at the EndGame location in just over four hours--almost two hours before our scheduled cut-off time. All the teams elected to work on the optional meta-puzzle at EndGame, and the last team to leave finished eight hours after the start of the event.


From the big day:

(You can see some of each team's personality displayed on their answer sheets.)

From our "dry run" playtest in August:


With apologies to Harper's Index...


We answered only twelve help calls during the entire event.

The Board

For the curious, here is the GC planning spreadsheet...

The End

Thanks to everyone who played in the Portland DASH, all our fabulous playtesters, and our GC volunteers! We hope to see you again soon at another local puzzle event.

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