DASH3 – Los Angeles, CA

Event takes place at 2011-04-30 10:00:00.

This year, in and around historic old town Pasadena.  Starting location TBA (but it will be convenient to parking and public trasportation.)

Form a team with a few of your friends and be part of an memorable, nationwide game experience!  Assemble rebuses, decipher hidden Morse Code (with the assistance of the provided code sheet), figure out what in the world to do with these objects you've been handed -- all types of solving challenges are possible when playing in the DASH puzzle hunt.

A puzzle hunt, a unique type of puzzle-based treasure hunt -- or "puzzle hunt" -- is a fun, interactive event in which teams of players race to find and solve creative puzzles hidden in different locations.

DASH (Different Area--Same Hunt) is a puzzle hunt event that is simulcast across multiple cities across the United States. The inaugural DASH in September 2009 spanned 8 cities.  DASH 3 is currently being planned in 12 participating cities.

DASH is a collaborative effort of puzzle enthusiast volunteers across the country. Each city contributes one puzzle (called a "clue") to the event, and and the answers to those puzzles interact to give the solution to a final "metapuzzle," which is the overall solution.

I want to play!
Great!  Please register here to reserve your spot.  We will ask for payment sometime in March, with priority (if spaces run out) going to teams that registered first.  DASH is limited to 30 teams in Los Angeles.  (Tell your friends!)

Will DASH be the same event in all twelve cities?
Though players in different cities will not, of course, visit the same physical locations, all players in all cities will see the same set of puzzles over the course of the event

What the difficulty level of the puzzles?
Not as hard as some puzzle hunts, like the MIT Mystery Hunt or San Francisco's "The Game". Follow these links to see the puzzles and solutions from DASH 1 and DASH 2.  Or, better still, solve them with your team as practice for DASH 3!

What if it is too hard?  
It won't be.  There will be a generous hint system available for those who are stumped.  Since you are always solving within the vicinity of a member of the DASH staff, who is available to provide any hints you need, you simply cannot get irrevocably stuck.

How long will it take?
It starts at 10:00am and ends at 5:30pm, though most if not all teams will finish before then.

Is it competitive?
Only if you want it to be.  Whether or not you take advantage of the scoring system, you're never on the clock while walking between clue sites.  You'll compete head-to-head (if you want) with teams at your location, and nationally based upon overall time solving puzzles. 

Will I need a car?
No. All locations will be accessible on foot. Total course length is under 2 miles, about 2-5 blocks at a time.

What supplies and equipment should we bring?
For comfort--
   * Comfortable walking shoes
   * Bottled water
   * Snacks
   * Hat/sunscreen or other weather-appropriate gear

For puzzle solving --
   * Paper
   * Pencils and pens
   * Markers or crayons (for writing on non-paper surfaces)
   * Clipboards
   * Scissors and tape
   * Cell phone to contact GC if needed (internet access is *not* necessary, though on rare occasions might be helpful)

How many people should be on my team?
3 or 4 is a pretty good number, but anything from 2-5 (or a crowded 6) is reasonable.

What other cities will be hosting DASH?
Austin, Boston, Chicago, Davis, New York, Portland, San Diego, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, Seattle, Washington DC.

What does it cost?
The final price is still being determined, but we expect it will be about $40.  Split among a team of 4, say, that's about 6 hours of entertainment (and stories to tell for a long time afterward) for about the price of a movie.

But I'm not available on April 30!
Well, if you are interested in helping playtest the event -- on site, and for free -- on April 9, that would be great.  We'd be looking over your shoulder (at a distance), and asking you for comments at the end, but otherwise you'd see the event pretty much the way it will be run on April 30 (but for some bumps that might still need ironing out).  And then, if you might also interested in helping us man stations on April 30, let's talk further.  For playtest or other information, please contact us at the email below.

Just who is running this in L.A., anyway?
Los Angeles Game Control (GC) is Andrew Bradburn, Rachael Groynom, Doug Peterson, Dave Shukan, Marc Spraragen.

I have additional questions or comments.
Feel free to contact Los Angeles GC at [email protected].