DASH3 – New York, NY

Event takes place at 2011-04-30 10:00:00.

What is DASH?

DASH (Different Area - Same Hunt) is a one-day, walking puzzle hunt that takes place in multiple cities across in the US on the same day (and roughly at the same time, too).

Sounds interesting... when and where?

DASH3 New York will take place on April 30th, 2011 and start at 10am.  We'll start somewhere in Central Park; the precise location will be revealed closer to DASH day.  To make sure that your team starts on time, please arrive 30 minutes beforehand to allow time for registration.

I can't make it that weekend!

That's too bad - but there's still a way to participate!  We are planning to run a play-test of DASH3 a couple of weeks beforehand.  If you'd like to be a test DASHer, please let us know.

How long will it take?

That depends heavily on the experience of the team.  Most teams will finish between 5-8 hours.  (There is a generous hint system available, so teams should be able to finish a lot faster than 8 hours if they wish to.)  Expert puzzle hunt teams will likely finish between 2-3 hours without taking hints.

That's a long time - what if I need to take a break?

Feel free.  The clock only runs while you're working on a puzzle - if you and your team need to take a break between puzzles (to eat, say) there's no penalty, so relax and enjoy yourselves.

This is a team game?

Yes, yes it is.  Puzzle solving is a lot more fun in teams, so that's how DASH was designed.  The idea team size is about 4, and typically range from 2-6.  More than 6 on a team isn't prohibited, but it will keep your team off of the official scoreboard (which has a max of 6 per team).  It will also likely preclude everyone on the team participating as much as they might, so if you have 7 or more, consider breaking into two teams.  If you're a loner who wants to get matched up with a team, email us at [email protected] and we'll match you up with some friendly folks.

Does it cost anything?

It does.  But it's not very much.  $40 per team, to cover the costs of the puzzles and a few other expenses.  This isn't a money-making operation by any stretch.  For a team of 4, that's $10 per person for several hours of entertainment.  Really tough to beat.

You mentioned expert teams - we're far from expert. What if it's too hard?

Everyone likes solving puzzles.  Nobody likes not solving puzzles.  We want people to enjoy themselves!  There will be a generous hint system available for folks who need a nudge.  Game Control will be at each clue site to provide help and guidance as well.  NO TEAM LEFT BEHIND.

Are there prizes?

You will enjoy yourself for hours and meet some pretty amazing people.  And if you do particularly well, you'll be featured on the nationwide scoreboard.  But no actual prizes, per se.

What if it rains?

You'll get wet.



This is great! How do I sign up?

Make your way to http://www.playdash.org/DASH3/getinline.php and get involved.

What should I bring on DASH day?

Paper, pens and pencils - always helpful.

Scissors, tape - often helpful.

Clipboard - helpful when there are no tables nearby.

Reference materials - with smartphones and mobile Internet access, bringing books and code sheets and etc. is a lot less helpful than it used to be.  If you need to google something and don't have a smartphone, feel free to ask Game Control for help and we will be happy to act as your google proxy.

Food and water - helpful, but there will be plenty of opportunities to grab something along the way so don't feel like you need to lug around a backpack of granola bars.

Attire - weather-friendly clothing is helpful.  Check the weather.  Be prepared.  Also, wear comfortable shoes.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at newyork [this is where the 'at' symbol goes] playdash.org !