DASH4 – Bay Area, CA

Event takes place at 9:00 AM on April 28.

Where are the Results?

Nationwide results are here :

DASH-4 National Results

Where are the Puzzles & Solutions?

Puzzles and Solutions will be posted here soon!

I have some feedback, who can I tell?

Let us know at  [email protected]. If you'd rather tell National, [email protected]

Where is the event?

The Bay Area DASH4 will be taking place in San Francisco. The exact starting location will be announced to registered teams two weeks before the event.

How long is the event?

The Bay Area event will start at 9:00am and wrap up around 4:00pm, Pacific time. Experienced teams may finish faster.

What about the weather?

The event will be in San Francisco, so please come prepared for the City By The Bay's ever-changing weather. You will be walking and puzzling outside for much of the day. 

How much physical activity is involved?

Expect to walk 2-3 miles over the course of the day. Our city does have hills, so if hill climbing is an issue for your team, please notify us when you arrive.

What to wear and bring?

  • Paper, pens and pencils - always helpful.
  • Scissors, tape, Sharpie, ruler - often helpful.
  • Clipboards, blanket - Many stops involve grassy settings without tables
  • Smartphone/Reference materials - If you need to Google something and don't have a smartphone, feel free to ask Game Control for help and we will be happy to act as your Google proxy.
  • Food and water - a few stops will be at/near cafes, but puzzling takes lots of energy, so stay well-fueled. Cash is also a good idea.
  • Good walking shoes - you'll be walking and climbing SF hills
  • Weather-friendly attire. It's SF -- dress in layers and be prepared

How much does it cost?

The Bay Area DASH4 registration fee will be $40 per team. Payment instructions will be sent to registered teams.

How many people should be on my team?

The optimal size for a team is 3-5 players. More than 5 and it gets difficult for everyone to collaborate, we highly encourage splitting into two teams.

Who Is Bay Area DASH4?

This year's Bay Area DASH is hosted by Megan Wachs, Bill Dwyer, Mick Garvey, and Daxia Ge, of Team Bananaphone.

I have another question, who can I ask?

Don't forget to read the DASH FAQ. Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected].