DASH4 – Los Angeles, CA

Event takes place at 9:00 AM on April 28.

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Cost: $40/team

Max Number of Teams: 30


This map shows nearby parking at Parking Structure #8, and walking instructions to the starting location at Bruin Plaza (NOTE: the embedded Google Map wants to auto-indicate Andersen School of Business, but the starting point is Bruin Plaza. To be sure of where to go, check out the location of the Pins in the larger version of the map.):
View DASH 4th LA: Starting Location in a larger map


Though it is possible to find free parking around UCLA, it is going to be far more convenient if you park in Parking Structure #8, as shown on the map above. It is within easy walking distance of the starting location at Bruin Plaza. 

These parking structures will cost $11 for all day parking, so we will be providing a $10/team refund when you check in for the event. (Per team, so it pays to carpool). 

Where will I meet up for the first puzzle?

The starting location for DASH4 will be in Bruin Plaza on the UCLA campus. The start location and nearby parking are shown on in the map, above.

On The Day of the Event

Important notes for the day of the event:
  • Start Time: Registration will start at 8:30 am. Please arrive by 8:45 am, so that we can start at 9:00 am sharp
  • Start Location: Bruin Plaza at UCLA, shown on this map
  • Parking: Parking around UCLA can be somewhat confusing, so please be sure understand the routes to the parking structures in advance, and provide ample time to find Parking structure 8 as shown on this map.
  • Food: While there are locations to buy food and drinks along the route, they are fewer and farther between than they have been in past DASHes. This makes bringing snacks and fluids more important than it has been in other events
  • Waivers: Your team captain will be emailed a Waiver before the event. Please have bring to the event a copy of the Waiver signed by each team member. Your team cannot start the event until Game Control has a copy of the waiver signed by each team member.

How many people should be on my team?

The optimal size for a team is 2-6 players. More than 5 and it might be difficult for everyone to collaborate.

How much physical activity is involved?

You can expect to walk 2-3 miles over the course of the day.

I need more info!

Don't forget to read the DASH FAQ. Feel free to email any other questions to [email protected]

What should I bring?

Dress for being mostly outside on an April day in Los Angeles - comfortable clothes and shoes for being outside: think about sun, possible wind, hopefully no precipitation.

For solving puzzles: clipboards, pens, pencils, scissors, tape. While most of the puzzles are designed to be based on puzzle solving ability and not internet researching ability, having a smartphone or other internet accessing device might be useful in some cases when a bit of trivia eludes your team.

For comfort: water, snacks, drinks, blanket for sitting on grass, some money for lunch - several stops will be at or near places to eat and restrooms should be in easy walking distance.