Boston, MA

Event takes place at 10:00 AM on May 18.


TL;DR DASH 5 Boston - 5/18, 10AM, $25/team, 3-5 People, Location TBD

Contact: boston.dash.gc[AT]


What is DASH?

DASH is a one-day, walking puzzle hunt held simultaneously in many different cities. If you want to know more about it or the types of puzzles you'll see, check out the DASH FAQ.


What does it cost?

Boston DASH will cost $25/team. This covers materials, printing, uniforms for game control, etc. We're just trying to cover our own costs.


So this is a team game?

That's right. Puzzles are more fun with friends. We strongly recommend 3-5 people on a team. If you really want to have more or less people, email us and we'll try to work it out. If you really want to play but can't convince any of your friends to join you, you have lame friends. But also email us and we can try to connect you with others who need a team.


When? Where? How long?

May 18th, 10AM. We're still working out the full route (if it ever stops snowing), but it will definitely be acessible by MBTA lines, and we'll announce the start location as soon as we know it. The whole thing should take teams anywhere between 4 and 7 hours from our experience.


How hard is this going to be? How competitive is it?

DASH is meant to be fun. Solving puzzles is fun. Not solving puzzles is not fun. The GCs understand that quite well, and we have a generous hinting policy to help teams that want it. Our goal is for everyone to finish, but it's more fun for you if you solve the puzzles without our help.

There are no prizes, although there is some glory to be earned on the National Scoreboard. There will be some teams that are expert puzzlers, and some teams that have never done anything like this - whatever your experience, we will try very hard to make it fun for you.


So you said we have to walk places?

Yeah, each puzzle takes place at a different location. That's part of the fun. You can expect to walk (not run - this really isn't a race) a couple miles over the course of the day. If you're really having difficulty, there might be T access to some locations, but really you should just wear good shoes and be prepared to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Speaking of weather...

It's really hard to predict in advance what the weather will be. It's Boston in May, so be prepared for that. Some locations will have cover for you to work under, but if it rains, you can expect to get wet. Check the forecast beforehand and prepare yourself accordingly.


I'm in. How do I sign up?

Good question. There's a Registration Page. Go there and do what it says. You should register with an email account you check often, since that's how we plan to keep you updated. We'll email you about payment as soon you're registered.


What do I need to bring?

You will definitely need a SMART PHONE and a RULER. If there's anything else specific you need, we'll email registered teams about it. Otherwise, just plan to bring the things listed on the DASH FAQ.


I still have more questions...

We love answering questions. We also love getting emails - it makes us feel loved. Contact us by e-mail at boston.dash.gc[AT]



Registration for DASH5 is now open.