Half Moon Bay, CA

Event takes place at 10:00 AM on May 18.


DASH 5 is over!

You may order T-shirts with this form.  Please order by June 8; shirts will arrive by end of June.

DASH 5 - HMB played around the Main St. downtown area of Half Moon Bay.  We started at Ocean View Park and you walked 2-3 miles during the event.  The ending location was about 15 minutes of walking from the starting location.

Admission cost $40/team and most teams were 3-5 people.  A few duos played.

The first teams to complete all the puzzles did so around 2:20pm, just over four hours into the event.  About two-thirds of the teams arrived at the final location before time was called 8 hours into the event, at 6:08pm.  The final puzzle location served food and was chill for sticking around and being social.  We did not have an official or organized wrap-up at the end.  Several teams linger to talk with other teams but some headed out immediately when done solving.

Thanks for playing in DASH!


Bring what you would usually bring to a puzzle hunt; see the FAQ for a list.  You'll find a smartphone convenient and helpful.  An optional puzzle requires a Twitter account and a camera-enabled mobile device.

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Reach us by e-mail at [email protected]


Registration for DASH5 is now open.