Los Angeles, CA

Event takes place at 10:00 AM on May 18.

Where is the event?


Starting Location: Pan Pacific Park on Beverly Blvd near the Grove. Meet at the Amphitheater on the North (Beverly) side.


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Where Do I Park?

Parking in this area (as in many places in LA) can be somewhat difficult, so we offer a list of options:

Most Convinient/Most Expensive Option:
Parking is available in the Grove Parking Garage with the following rates:
  • $4 for the 2nd hour / $5 for 3rd hour
  • $1 each 15 minutes thereafter
  • $24 daily max at 7th hour (420 min)
Most teams would probably require the $24 maximum
Slightly less expensive/Slightly more complicated
Parking is also available in the Farmer's Market Lot near the Grove. Spaces in this lot are scarcer than those in the Grove Parking garage. you will likely eat or get refreshments here at least once during the day, so you will likely be able to use the validated rate:
Rates with Validation: Mon-Sun    24 hours
  • $ 3.00  /  3 hours
  • $ 6.00  /  4 hours
  • $ 3.00  /  additional hour
  • $15.00  /  24 hours
Rates without Validation: Mon-Sun    24 hours
  • $ 2.00  /  20 mins
  • $ 6.00  /  1 hour
  • $20.00  /  24 hours
Cheaper, Less Convient:
Park at Beverly Center (corner of 3rd St. and La Cienega Blvd.) then take Metro Bus 16 or 316 along 3rd St. to The Grove(at 3rd. and Fairfax Ave.) for $1.50 each way - its only about a mile away so bus ride shouldn't take that long. Daily max at Beverly Center is $10, vs. $24 at The Grove so this can save you a few dollars at the expense of some extra time.
Even Cheaper, Even Less Convenient
Park at one of the many free Metro parking lots, then take the Metro Red Line to Vermont/Beverly. Then take the Take Metro Local 14 or Metro Rapid 704 to the Grove.

Cheap/Convinient, but Risky Option:
4 hours of free parking is also available at the Pan Pacific Park parking lot on Beverly. 
It is unclear what happens at the end of the 4 hours, or how actively this limitation is enforced.
If you choose to park here, you should either move your car at the end of 4 hours (you will not likely be nearby at that time), or park at your own risk.

How do I register a team?

First go to the main Registration page and sign up your team. Next, come back to this page and click the Buy Now button below to pay the team registration fee.

How much does it cost?

The Los Angeles DASH 5 registration fee will be $40 per team (3-5 people) for a full day of puzzle fun!

How do I pay the team registration fee?

First, make sure you have registered your team on the main Registration page. Once you register a team, come back to this page, enter your team name, and click the Buy Now button below to pay your team registration fee of $40.

Please be sure to enter the same team name you used on the registration page, so that we know which teams have paid!

Team Name

How many people should be on my team?

Teams should be 3-5 players. If you have more than 5 it gets difficult for everyone to collaborate. For groups larger than 5, we highly encourage splitting into two teams.

How long is the event?

DASH5 Los Angeles will start at 10:00am and wrap up around 6:00pm, Pacific time. Experienced teams may finish faster.

There will likely also be an "afterparty" gathering at a local restautant to give teams a chance to meet other puzzlers and discuss their experiences with the DASH puzzles.

What about the weather?

Please come prepared for Los Angeles's spring time weather. You will be walking and puzzling outside for much of the day.

How much physical activity is involved?

Expect to walk 1-2 miles over the course of the day.

What should I bring?

  • Scratch paper, pens, and pencils - always helpful.
  • Scissors, tape, sharpie, ruler - often helpful.
  • Clipboards, blanket - many stops involve grassy areas without tables.
  • Smartphone, reference materials - smartphones are legal game play! If you need to Google something and don't have a smartphone among your team, feel free to ask Game Control for help and we will be happy to act as your Google proxy.
  • Food and water - a few stops will be at/near shops and restaurants, but puzzling takes lots of energy, so stay well-fueled! Cash is also a good idea.
  • Good walking shoes
  • Sun Screen
  • Weather-friendly attire - you will be outside for most of the day.

I have another question, who can I ask?

Don't forget to read the DASH FAQ. Feel free to email any other questions to losangeles[AT]playdash[DOT]org.


Registration for DASH5 is now open.