Austin, TX

Event takes place at 10:00 AM on April 26, 2014.

How many people per team

We reccomend 3-4.  You can have up to five people and technically as low as one.  Most of the puzzles are designed with a group of people in mind.  

Supplies you will need

You will need at least one internet connected devise in your team to interact with the app that you will used to submit your answers.  

Also pencils, pens, ruler, scissors, tape, comfortable shoes and clothes to walk in.  

You might want to bring snacks, drinks, water, highlighters, and extra devises to look things up on the internet.  

Length of the puzzle hunt

The hunt is an all day event.  It has, in the past, started at 10 am and gone until 4ish.  There are places to eat in the middle and at the end of the event.  There is a cut off time when you can no longer solve puzzles for official time.  In the past and this year in Austin there will be a volunteer there past that time if you would like to finish up puzzles without scoring them.  

Registration and cost

You will registrer on the main page and indicate the city you are registering in.

Registration begins on February 28th at 10am.

The cost is $40 per team.  

You can pay the day of the event but paying ahead of time here is perferable.  When you pay please indicate your team name so I can attribute the fee to the proper team.  

Below is a paypal button to pay a team registration fee.

What are the differences in team levels?

This year there will be three levels of puzzles: Experienced players, New players and DASH jr. 

Experiences players are teams who have done puzzles or puzzle hunts in the past.  If you have a lot of experience with solving a variety of puzzles and it is best to have a 3-4 person team for this level.  


New players are people with little to no puzzle solving experience.  This level might also be good for smaller teams of 2.  


Dash Jr. is a new catergory of DASH this year. Each Junior team consists of young solvers (suggested ages between 10 and 16) and at least one adult chaperone. The chaperone will register the team and will maintain responsibility for the team's safety and well-being thoughout the event. While it is expected (though not required) that some chaperones will assist with navigation between clue sites, providing snacks or supplies, and ClueKeeper interaction, chaperones are not allowed to assist the Junior teams in any of the actual puzzle-solving. If Junior teams need hints, DASH Game Control will be available to assist. Contact [email protected] for questions about DASH, Jr.

Further Questions?

Please email [email protected] with any further questions about the event.  


Interested, but can't come out on the 26th?

We will need at least one team of people to playtest the entire puzzle prior to the hunt.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering or would like to be a part of early playtests.  


Registration has concluded.