May 30, 2015

DASH is back for its 7th year in a row and once again is hosted in more than a dozen cities across the US and England. We hope DASH 7 will be yet another magical experience for you and your team to enjoy!

DASH 7 runs in two tracks, for new players and experienced players. Team size is 3-5 people; larger groups than that will have more fun by splitting into smaller teams. DASH 7 plays on ClueKeeper so each team must bring at least one recent Android or iOS 7 smartphone device for the ClueKeeper software.

PUZZLES NOW AVAILABLE! Download the DASH 7 puzzles.

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DASH 7 Junior: Home Edition

DASH Junior is a version of the DASH puzzle hunt specially written for children aged 10 to 14 years. It is a set of fun, creative puzzles — involving wordplay, logic, math and physical construction — that tell a story as they're solved. The theme for this year's DASH 7 hunt was Harry Potter!

We are now pleased to introduce DASH 7 Junior: Home Edition. This is a mail-order kit containing everything you need to run the DASH 7 Junior hunt for a team of 2-6 children at your home or around your neighborhood. The kit will be priced at $44.00, which includes U.S. domestic shipping and "magic wands" for two children. Additional "magic wands" may be added for a small extra charge. Costs cover materials and shipping; this is not a profit-making endeavor.

The shipping date will depend on the volume of orders received and other factors, but I am aiming to ship by the end of November 2015. Special arrangements can be made for shipping outside the United States.

Please note that the hunt kit includes a ClueKeeper hunt code. ClueKeeper is a free, useful smartphone app that will guide you through the hunt, providing time-released hints and verifying answers. For more information and downloading links, please visit the ClueKeeper website.

To order DASH 7 Junior: Home Edition, please use the form found on this page. Fill in your name, shipping address, number of extra "magic wands", color preference, and payment information. Orders will be taken until September 30th.

Thanks for your interest! Your kids are in for a treat.

Paul Rundle
DASH 7 Junior Co-Coordinator

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