San Jose, CA

Event takes place at 9:30 AM on May 30, 2015.

What is DASH?

DASH is a day-long walking puzzle solving event. If you choose to participate, you'll spend a (likely) sunny day in south San Jose, all while working together as a team, wracking your brains solving puzzles involving wordplay, spatial reasoning, and pop trivia.

When is DASH?

San Jose DASH takes place at 9:30 AM on May 30, 2015.  “But doesn’t DASH usually start at 10 AM?” you wonder.  Yes, but we beg of you, arrive no later than 9:30 AM.

Where is DASH?

The hunt begins at the Oakridge VTA station, located on the corner of Winfield Blvd and Blossom River Way.  There is no parking at the Oakridge VTA station, however you can park all day across the street at the Westfield Oakridge mall, and the hunt will end nearby.  Also, since this is a VTA station, naturally it is easily accessible via public transportation.  The VTA light rail system has connections to CalTrain.  See the VTA website for more details.

Note that there are no restroom facilities at the start location itself, so please plan accordingly.  Sears, which is near where you'll park, will be open at 9am and has restrooms.

How long is DASH?

We expect that most teams will solve all puzzles in 6-8 hours.

No, I mean, how long is the DASH route?

You’ll have about 3 miles of walking overall.  Travel time between puzzles doesn’t count against your score, so you can go at your own pace.  Wear comfortable walking shoes.

How hard is DASH?

When you sign up, you'll be asked for a team experience level. This year we will have puzzle tracks for two levels of team:

  • New Players: If you have never attended a DASH, BANG, or the MIT Mystery Hunt, and you've never solved puzzles more complex than a Sudoku, American Crossword, or Paint by Numbers, this is the level for you. This may also be a good level for smaller teams of experienced players.

  • Experienced Players: If you have a lot of experience with past DASHes, the MIT Mystery Hunt, any BANG or Shinteki hunts, or solving a variety of other types of non-traditional puzzles, this is the level for you.

How much is DASH?

Traditionally DASH has charged a $40 entrance fee per team. This year, we are working with EventBrite to streamline the registration process and will be charging $45 to cover additional fees. All proceeds from registration will go towards permits, puzzle production, and other incidentals.

How big should my team be?

We recommend a team of 3-5 people. Too large a team and it becomes harder to collaborate on the puzzles; too small and having so few solvers may slow you. Also, since we charge a flat fee per team, it becomes more expensive per person.

If you have a group of 6 or more, we encourage you to split into two smaller teams so that everyone can stay involved with the puzzles.

How do we register?

Register using eventbrite.

What supplies will we need?

Bring the usual items one would bring to a puzzle hunt. See the FAQ for a list. Android or iOS7+ smartphones with mobile internet are a necessity since we will be using an app called ClueKeeper for the hunt.

Some of our locations will be in a park, with a limited number of tables and benches available.  You may want to bring a blanket or some other seating surface that will make you more comfortable being on the ground or grass.

What if it rains?

We'll play in any weather. But it’s late May in San Jose, come on.

My question doesn’t start with “Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How?”

Please email [email protected] any and all questions that aren’t covered here.

Interested in helping out? Or can’t make it on May 30th?

We will need at least one team of people to playtest the entire puzzle prior to the hunt.  Please email [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering or would like to be a part of early playtests.  Playtesting and staffing are great ways to get involved and meet other puzzlers if you don’t have a team, as well.

Who are you people?

DASH 7 is being run in San Jose by Tom Tabanao, Merry Choi, and Deanna Rubin.  All three of us work at Google and have been playing and running puzzle events of various types for several years.  If you’ve done other puzzle hunts in the Bay Area, you’ve probably seen us around.  If you haven’t, we promise to do our best to make sure you have fun at DASH.  If you don’t have fun, we’ll blame other cities for writing bad puzzles.  See you on May 30th!