Mission Accomplished

Mission DASH 008 was completed 30 April 2016. Over 520 teams participated from 16 cities in the US and UK.

Expert Results

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Well played, Agents.

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DASH 008 was hosted in these 16 cities across the US and UK.

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Davis, CA

Denver, CO

London, UK

Los Angeles, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Missoula, MT

New York City, NY

Palo Alto, CA

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

St. Louis, MO

Washington, DC


Included below are the 9 puzzles that challenged DASH 008 agents.

  • GHOST in the Machine

    The Special Service Intelligence agency is in chaos. Someone has hacked into our system and gained access to the classified files for our agency’s elite spy program. Some of the files have been corrupted, and sensitive information may have been stolen. It appears that this might be the work of the shadow state GHOST: the Global Headquarters for Outcasts, Sociopaths, and Thugs.

    Author: Cathy and Tom Saxton

    Par Time: 30 min (0 Points)

    Part 1

    Part 1a

    Part 1b

    Part 1c

  • Stacked Deck

    In your last adventure, you discovered that your contact is a skilled hacker and suspected associate of GHOST. She is also the controlling stakeholder of a Monte Carlo casino. Control wants you to investigate further.

    You packed your tux and Walther PPK - you’re headed to Monte Carlo!

    Now you enter a salon privé, where SSI has arranged your seat at a high-stakes baccarat table. Your contact – owner of the casino and the GHOST double agent— greets you. GHOST henchmen surround her. Suddenly, you hear a loud clatter followed by angry shouting. The henchmen rush away, distracted by a bumbling waiter.

    Author: Richard Chiburis

    Par Time: 40 min



  • Miss'D Connections

    You stumbled away from the salon, shocked by this dire warning delivered during your Baccarat game. You must tell Control!

    Just as you reach for your secure mobile, a hand grabs your shoulder and you are snatched behind a potted palm. It’s your contact!

    “I must hurry. Meet me at Café Miel. The table at the back. I have to tell you about the Spur Project.” She spins away before you can ask for an explanation.

    The Café Miel is bustling when you arrive. It is decorated like a beehive: wax sculptures on shelves, a delicate black and gold motif on the ceiling. You scan the crowd for your contact. She is nowhere to be seen. You walk to the only empty table in the back. An abandoned teacup sits beside a stack of crumpled paper napkins—each printed with a honeycomb shape. “Please sit, Madame” says a waitress with a beehive wig.

    Author: Weaver

    Par Time: 25 min



  • Gear Up

    GHOST must have discovered your contact’s betrayal and snatched her. You pull a lighter from your pocket and set fire to the napkins.

    By dawn, you were on the first flight back to SSI. You need to gear up to find your contact.

    Sitting in the Quartermaster’s lab, you review the meeting you had with Control earlier today. No one in the intelligence community knows what the Spur Project is, but it appears that GHOST has invested millions in it. Now Control wants you to rescue your contact and learn what she knows about the Spur Project.

    Author: Kenzie Day

    Par Time: 55 min



  • Paper Trail

    As the Quartermaster fixes the problem with your equipment, you focus on the mission ahead. Meet with a trusted informant working in a stationer’s store in Tokyo, where your contact was spotted by airport security cameras the morning after her disappearance.

    The stationery store is in a busy mall near the train station. One wall is draped with origami cranes. You spot the stationer, and he smiles as you approach. “Ah, I see you have noticed the thousand cranes,” he says to you in Japanese. “I have just the thing for you here.” He reaches below the counter.

    Author: Eric Lindstrom

    Par Time: 75 min



  • GHOST Protocol

    The suburb of indicated by the stationer's hidden message is northeast of Tokyo.

    You head toward the train near the stationer’s store and research the local businesses in that suburb on your secure mobile. One pops out immediately; the company’s website proclaims that they manufacture equipment to predict seismic waves.

    The company’s logo is the Japanese kanji for “ghost.”

    You reach a nondescript office building. In the twilight, you see a few guards at the entrance and several motion sensor cameras around the perimeter. It’s an awful lot of security for a company that supposedly makes equipment for seismologists. Clearly, this is GHOST headquarters.

    To infiltrate the building you’ll need to train yourself in the ways of your enemies. You must master the GHOST Protocol!

    Author: Alex Miller

    Par Time: 35 min



  • Spurious Information

    You have infiltrated the building using the GHOST Protocol. Now you discard your disguise and take stock of your surroundings. Even after searching the building, you still can’t find any evidence of the Spur Project. Suddenly you hear a sound — a woman’s voice.

    You break into a cell-like room and find your contat! Suddenly an alarm sounds. You’ve both got to get out of there!

    You and your contact are safe for the moment, but there’s no time to lose. “The Spur Project...what is it?” you ask. Miss Director frowns. “I only know that it will destroy the world...this is why I contacted you.” She reaches into a hidden pocket in her jacket. “Luckily, I’ve stolen this phone from the Chairman of GHOST. It might help us better spell out the nature of the Spur project.”

    Author: Michael Goldwasser

    Par Time: 45 min



  • SPUR of the Moment

    You gain access to the secret files for the Spur Project. Spur is actually SPUR:

    • Seismic
    • Pulse
    • Unstoppable
    • Ravager

    It’s a a weapon of mass destruction and there are hundreds of them. When detonated in strategic locations, SPURs will cause earthquakes of unimaginable magnitudes. Infrastructures, governments...the world’s nations will collapse, leaving their resources vulnerable to GHOST control.

    You find a hidden map on the phone showing the location of the first SPUR device in the chain, which can be used to find all the rest.

    After seeing your contact to safety, you head to the first SPUR’s location. You find the device, but it appears to be in pieces. A transparent box lies beside them--perhaps their container? You gather the box and pieces and set to work.

    Author: Puzzle the Cheetah

    Par Time: 55 min

    Par Time: 70 min



    Cubes, Page A

    Cubes, Page B

    Cubes, Page C

    Cubes, Page D

    Cubes, Page E

    Cubes, Page F

    Cubes, Page G

    Cubes, Page H

    Cubes, Page I

  • Win your SPURs

    By analyzing the SPUR, you determine where there are hundreds of other SPUR devices buried. You need to find them all to stop the destruction!

    After hours of examining the SPUR in your possession, you’ve finally discovered how to weaken it! When it detonates it will cause minor tremors rather than catastrophic destruction. Now, you’ll need to disable the others...if you can find their exact locations.

    Author: Dann Webster

    Par Time: 55 min

    Expert: Clue - Map

    Normal: Clue - Map


DASH 008 would not have been possible without the following people:

Global Coordination

  • Tinsley Webster

Puzzle Authors

  • GHOST in the Machine: Cathy and Tom Saxton
  • Stacked Deck: Richard Chiburis
  • Miss’d Connections: Weaver
  • Gear Up: McKenzie Day
  • Paper Trail: Eric Lindstrom
  • GHOST Protocol: Alex Miller
  • Spurious Information: Michael Goldwasser
  • SPUR of the Moment: Puzzle the Cheetah
  • Win Your SPURs: Dann Webster


  • DASH Tee Shirt Design: Melanie Schultz
  • Website Design and Hidden Puzzle: Dann Webster

Special Thanks

  • Our friend at ClueKeeper: Rich Bragg
  • All the families, friends, and fans who play tested this hunt.
  • All the Agents who played DASH 008. Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

City Game Control

  • Atlanta
    • Lead: Sean Molley
    • Volunteers: Bryan Leclair, Megan Orr, Heidi Pritchett, and Greg Watson
  • Austin
    • Lead: Kenzie Day
  • Boston
    • Lead: Heléne Andersson, Nathan Curtis, Ben Smith, Carol Carveth, Mark Asdoorian
    • Volunteers: Sarah Leadbetter, Jason Sproul (maybe), Steven Splinter, Joel Fried, Becky Payne, Andrew Thomas, Kate Baker Thomas, Yi-Hsin Lin, Elaine Kristant, Jeff Grove, Shino Ito
    • Playtesters: Robin Deits, James Douberley, Paul Hlebowitsh, Yi-Hsin Lin, Peter Lorenz, Jennifer Pike, Frank Pulito, Beth Storrs, Andrew Thomas, Kate Baker Thomas
  • Chicago
    • Lead: James Nelson
  • Davis
    • Volunteers: Dan Alcantara, Alex Hannon, Daniel Rundle, Marie Rundle, Paul Rundle, Chris Stafford, Kaija Stafford, Chris Stafford, with thanks to Davis Cards and Games
  • Denver
    • Volunteers: Craig Trujillo, Annashay Sutherland, Maggie Gordon, Todd McClary
  • London
    • Lead: Jan
    • Volunteers: Weaver, Freya, Puzzle The Cheetah, Ed, Daniel
  • Los Angeles
    • Lead: Dann Webster
    • Volunteers: Tinsley, Sylwia, Miriam, Lisa, Brian
  • Minneapolis
    • Lead: Mark Larson
  • New York City
    • Lead: Richard Yan
    • Volunteers: Simon Shoemaker, Matt Selsky, Gary Selsky, Rod Bogart, Kristin Granlund, Yia Hang, Giselle Garcia, Sharon Lin, Joanne Ha, Zuha Mohiuddin, Gracia Genero, Lucy Wang, Geena Jung, Jie Yu Xu, Danielle Eiseman, Suki Yip
  • Palo Alto
    • Lead: Max Chang, Anthony Hsu
    • Volunteers: Alborz Bejnood, James Bradbury, Richard Chiburis, Francis Hsu, Bruce Lin, Benji Nguyen, Yuan Niu, Rachel Petterson, Joshua Wang, Ling-Ling Zhang, Lillian Zhou
  • Portland
    • Lead: Rob
    • Volunteers: Emily, Caitlin, Bill, DeeAnn
  • San Francisco
    • Lead: Chris Willmore
    • Volunteers: Robert Au, Jennifer Chen, Allen Cohn, Devin Coughlin, Ed Dempsey, Eric First, Mick Garvey, Sharankumar Hiremath, Casey Holman, Linda Holman, Tim Northover, Harvind Rai, Jordan Rose, Megan Wachs
  • Seattle
    • Lead: Melitta Riley
    • Volunteers: Cathy Saxton, Joshua Hiltunen, Yu-Hong Wang, Daniel Weise, Tom Saxton, Logan Evans, Cameron Evans, Mary Wilden
  • St. Louis
    • Lead: Michael Goldwasser and Bryan Clair
    • Volunteers: Patrick Blinder, Felicia Styer, Lauren Miller, Brody Johnson, Danielle King
  • Washington, D.C.
    • Lead: Steve Gaddy
    • Volunteers: Evan Davis, Jason Florek, Julie Gaddy, Dan Gibbs, Larry Hosken