DASH 10 Puzzles Credits


Deputies Allied to Secure Homesteads

Your team of deputies is charged with keeping the peace in Tenderfoot Falls, a bustling small town in the Old West. The sheriff is away on sudden and mysterious business, there's a stranger in town up to no good, and a robbery brings a long-ago secret to light. Can you work through a series of puzzles to bring the robbers to justice, solve the mystery, and restore order?

DASH 10 took place on September 22, 2018.
Here are the results for Standard and Expert levels.


DASH 10 puzzles are available for download, sized for either letter or A4 paper. Each zip contains the DASH 10 puzzles in both Standard and Expert levels, as well as an Instructions PDF with details on printing and materials.

DASH is designed to be played by a team of 3-5 people. You'll find it handy to have scissors and tape for DASH 10.

We recommend using ClueKeeper to complete your DASH 10 experience. Some of the story is revealed via ClueKeeper as puzzles are solved, and it is helpful for confirming partial solutions and providing hints. For a small fee, you can purchase a version of the DASH 10 ClueKeeper hunt specifically designed for use with the files above. Purchase the Standard or Expert hunt based on which level you wish to play. (See the DASH FAQ page for guidance on choosing a level.) Note that the ClueKeeper purchase is for an entire team, not a per-person cost.

DASH 10 used a few physical items, described below. We have a few sets of physical items that are available while supplies last. Price is $20, including shipping to a US address. (International shipping is expensive, making that impractical in most cases.) Contact dash10 if you would like to order items.


DASH 10 Director – Cathy Saxton
Puzzle Manager – Cathy Saxton
Story Author – Tom Saxton
Events Manager – Mark Larson
Artwork – Melanie Schultz
Social Media – Yen Duong

Puzzle 1 – Tom Saxton

Puzzle 2 – Jonah Ostroff

Puzzle 3 – Dann Webster, Justin Melvin

Puzzle 4 – Sean Gugler

Puzzle 5 – Wil Zambole

Puzzle 6 – Jonah Ostroff

Puzzle 7 – Bryan Clair

Puzzle 8 – Jason Florek

Puzzle 9 – Freya, Rob & Weaver

Puzzle 10 – Steven Clontz

Puzzle 11 – Jon Napolitano

Amsterdam, NLD
Lead: Bethany Startin
Volunteers: Lindsay van Clief, Ying Feng, Weaver, Daniel Turner
Atlanta, GA
Lead: M. Sean Molley
Austin, TX
Lead: Brian Brannan
Boston, MA
Lead: Rahul Sridhar
Volunteers: Brian Shimanuki, Katie Dunn, Josh Alman, Andrew He, Aaron Lin, Alan Huang, Brian Chen, Chris Donovan, Joanna Sands, Margaret Sands, Charles Tam, Gina Yuan, Sophie Mori, Yannick Yao
Chicago, IL
Leads: James Nelson, Anna McCleary, Wil Zambole, Craig Booth
Davis, CA
Lead: Paul Rundle
Volunteers: Daniel Rundle, Marie Rundle, John Rundle, Alex Hannon, Charles Graves, Sara Stafford, Chris Stafford, Victor
Enschede, NLD
Leads: Jeroen, Joris, Kim, Ronald, Steven, Tim
Volunteers: Bar Update, Los Ponchos
London, GBR
Lead: Michael Colao
Volunteers: Morag McBride, Pippa Colao, Jon Cloutman-Green, Dream Cloutman-Green, Clive Room, Gareth Adams, Kip Heath
Los Angeles, CA
Leads: Cheryl Gaul, Jean Gaul
Melbourne, AUS
Leads: Maree, Kristen, Julie
Volunteers: John, Steph, Katelyn
Minneapolis, MN
Lead: Mark Larson
Volunteers: Charles Borchert, Marc Gutman, Evan Hall
Mobile, AL
Lead: Steven Clontz
Montréal, CAN
Leads: Henry Smith, Suzanne Tee
Volunteers: Diana Cortijo, Leslie Martin, Michael Cutting, Susan Edey
New York, NY
Lead: Kevin Lee
Volunteers: Matt Selsky, Lydia Chen, Chris Horng, Dean Shu, Shimin Ooi, Wesan Chang, London Thomson-Thurm, Christine Kim, Marco Gentili, Erin Mui, Alice Huh
Nicosia, CYP
Lead: Christos Makrides
Volunteer: CS Club UCY
Palo Alto, CA
Lead: Alec Brickner
Volunteers: CJ Brickhouse, Felipe Chen, Sean Gugler, Emily Jiang, Tracey Lin, Justin Selig
Pittsburgh, PA
Lead: E. Forney
Volunteers: Alex Falk, Zora Gilbert, Ethan Gladding, Matthew Glisson, Eli Goodfriend, Dillon Lareau, Maija Mednieks, Alex Nowalk, Xander Orenstein
Portland, OR
Leads: Robert Erickson, Bill Moore
Volunteers: Ana Roeszler, Kate Petak, Josh Marsh, Amy Jo Marsh
San Diego, CA
Leads: Terrence Murphy, Rebecca McGinley
San Francisco, CA
Leads: Rebecca Auld, Orion Auld, Nicole Hanusek, Kirk Tarou, Gr8er Good Games
Volunteers: Rocks Den, Double Shot Coffee, Mikhail Garvey, Casey Holman, Linda Holman, Andy Poon, Nathan Shelly, Lily Zhang
Seattle, WA
Lead: Glenn Hollingsworth
Volunteers: Barbara Joyce, Cassie Wong, Cathy Saxton, Courtney O'Gorman, Darren Stahl, Dollar Narula, Evan Cahill, George Johnston, Herman Chau, Ilia Denotkine, Jonah Ostroff, Kyle Robinson, Taylor Garren, Tom Saxton
St. Louis, MO
Lead: Julie Buchheit
Volunteers: Russell Morrissey, Bryan Clair, Joseph Buchheit, Donna Buchheit, Emily Morrissey, Lindsay Cranmer, Joel Stillwell, Kevin Bizub, Donna Morrissey
Washington, DC
Lead: Steve Gaddy
Volunteers: Navid Chowdhury, Jason Florek, Julie Gaddy, Casey Robinson, Rose Robinson, Lucy Stainer, Betsy Wang

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