September 22, 2018


Deputies Allied to Secure Homesteads

Your team of deputies is charged with keeping the peace in Tenderfoot Falls, a bustling small town in the Old West. The sheriff is away on sudden and mysterious business, there's a stranger in town up to no good, and a robbery brings a long-ago secret to light. Can you work through a series of puzzles to bring the robbers to justice, solve the mystery, and restore order?

Late registration is available for a short time, and the event is Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Please see the FAQ for details about the event.

Questions or comments? Send them to dash10 .


DASH 10 Director – Cathy Saxton
Events Manager – Mark Larson
Puzzle Manager – Cathy Saxton
Story Author – Tom Saxton
Artwork – Melanie Schultz
Social Media – Yen Duong

Mobile, AL – Steven Clontz

Davis, CA – Paul Rundle

Los Angeles, CA – Cheryl Gaul, Jean Gaul

Palo Alto, CA – Alec Brickner

San Diego, CA – Terrence Murphy, Rebecca McGinley

San Francisco, CA – Rebecca Auld, Orion Auld, Nicole Hanusek, Kirk Tarou

Washington, DC – Steve Gaddy

Atlanta, GA – M. Sean Molley

Chicago, IL – James Nelson, Anna McCleary, Wil Zambole, Craig Booth

Boston, MA – Rahul Sridhar, Yannick Yao

Minneapolis, MN – Mark Larson

St. Louis, MO – Julie Buchheit

Portland, OR – Robert Erickson, Bill Moore

Pittsburgh, PA – E. Forney

Austin, TX – Brian Brannan

Seattle, WA – Glenn Hollingsworth

Montréal, QC, Canada – Henry Smith, Suzanne Tee

Enschede, Netherlands – Joris, Kim, Ronald, Steven, Tim

London, United Kingdom – Michael Colao

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