DASH 9 Puzzles Credits

DASH 9 – Department of Applied Synergistic Humanities

DASH 9 took place on May 6, 2017. Please see ClueKeeper for results.


Puzzle Materials

The following instructions explain the contents of DASH9-puzzles.zip, and how to make use of those contents.

Puzzles-Standard, Puzzles-Expert

Select a version to play:

  • Standard - This level is a good choice for both novice and casual solvers (even if you have played DASH before).
  • Expert - This level is more challenging because there are many places where puzzles do not have explicit instructions for solving. Instead, you need to infer the rules by examining the puzzle or detecting clues within each puzzle's text; part of the challenge is to figure that out! In addition, some of the puzzles are harder in the Expert version.

Please ensure that you do not scale the pages when printing. Depending on your software, you may need to specify "Actual Size" or select "None" for page scaling; do not choose an option to "fit" or "shrink" to printable area. This is critical for puzzle 6 since the transparency needs to match the other pages.


This is puzzle 6 page 3 (for both versions) and needs to be on transparent material. FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is a good place to have this printed.


This file contains images for two puzzles: the six pentagons are used in puzzle 2; the three rhombi are for puzzle 7. These shapes were laser cut from thick board for the event.

You can print these pages for a simple version. It's fine to make straight cuts along the sides; you don't need to cut all the little in- and out-tabs. If you have cardstock available, printing on that so you have something a little sturdier than paper would be great, but it's not required.

This file can also be used to laser etch and cut, but be aware that the results will vary based on the material and even possibly depending on the laser cutter. The material we used was 28 ply (0.09") Crescent White Mounting Board from Dick Blick Art Materials. Laser etching / cutting was done by Pololu Robotics & Electronics.

Playing The Hunt


For DASH 9, many of the puzzles reference portions of previous puzzles. This means that you should keep all your puzzle materials in a safe place for the duration of the hunt.

Note: Because some of the puzzles rely on information from other puzzles, you may not be able to solve a single puzzle out of sequence.

Page Counts

The materials you should have for each puzzle:

  • Puzzle 1: 4 pages
  • Puzzle 2: 5 pages, 6 pentagons
  • Puzzle 3: 3 pages
  • Puzzle 4: 2 pages
  • Puzzle 5: 5 pages
  • Puzzle 6: 4 pages (including transparency)
  • Puzzle 7: 2 pages, 3 rhombi
  • Puzzle 8: 3 pages
  • Puzzle 9: 2 pages


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