September 22, 2018


Deputies Allied to Secure Homesteads

Your team of deputies is charged with keeping the peace in Tenderfoot Falls, a sleepy little town in the Old West. The sheriff is away on sudden and mysterious business, there's a stranger in town up to no good, and a robbery brings a long-ago secret to light. Can you work through the town's history and a series of puzzles to bring the robbers to justice, solve the mystery, and restore order?

Registration opens in May (details coming soon) and the event is Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Please see the FAQ for details about the event.

Questions or comments? Send them to dash10 .


A list of cities planning to participate in DASH 10 will be posted here shortly. If you are interested in hosting DASH in your city, please email dash10 and we'll help you get started.