September 22, 2018


Deputies Allied to Secure Homesteads

Your team of deputies is charged with keeping the peace in Tenderfoot Falls, a bustling small town in the Old West. The sheriff is away on sudden and mysterious business, there's a stranger in town up to no good, and a robbery brings a long-ago secret to light. Can you work through a series of puzzles to bring the robbers to justice, solve the mystery, and restore order?

DASH 10 will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Please see the FAQ for details about the event.

Registration has ended for DASH 10.


DASH 10 Director – Cathy Saxton
Events Manager – Mark Larson
Puzzle Manager – Cathy Saxton
Story Author – Tom Saxton
Artwork – Melanie Schultz
Social Media – Yen Duong

Mobile, AL – Steven Clontz

Davis, CA – Paul Rundle

Los Angeles, CA – Cheryl Gaul, Jean Gaul

Palo Alto, CA – Alec Brickner

San Diego, CA – Terrence Murphy, Rebecca McGinley

San Francisco, CA – Rebecca Auld, Orion Auld, Nicole Hanusek, Kirk Tarou, Gr8er Good Games

Washington, DC – Steve Gaddy

Atlanta, GA – M. Sean Molley

Chicago, IL – James Nelson, Anna McCleary, Wil Zambole, Craig Booth

Boston, MA – Rahul Sridhar, Yannick Yao

Minneapolis, MN – Mark Larson

St. Louis, MO – Julie Buchheit

Portland, OR – Robert Erickson, Bill Moore

Pittsburgh, PA – E. Forney

Austin, TX – Brian Brannan

Seattle, WA – Glenn Hollingsworth

Melbourne, VIC, Australia – Maree, Kristen, Julie

Montréal, QC, Canada – Henry Smith, Suzanne Tee

Enschede, Netherlands – Joris, Kim, Ronald, Steven, Tim

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands – Bethany Startin

London, United Kingdom – Michael Colao

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