Frequently Asked Questions

What is DASH?
DASH (Different Area—Same Hunt) is a puzzle hunt event which takes place on the same day in multiple cities across the United States. Creating the hunt is a collaborative effort, with teams from the participating cities each contributing a puzzle based around an overarching theme. Then, all the puzzles are gathered together, and on the day of the event each city plays everyone's puzzles. In other words, the puzzles are the same but the locations are different.

What is a puzzle hunt?
A puzzle hunt (or "treasure hunt" or "puzzle adventure") is a fun, interactive event in which teams of players race to find and solve creative puzzles hidden in different locations.

What kind of puzzles can we expect to see?
Puzzles include code-breaking, word, number, visual and everything in between. You can download the puzzles from previous DASH games if you want to get started now.

What if I get stuck or can't solve a puzzle?
During a live DASH event one of our friendly Game Control volunteers will be happy to validate what you've figured out so far, or point you in the right direction if you need a hint.

What things are useful when solving a puzzle?

How many people should be on my team?
We recommend a team size of 3, 4, or 5 players. You are allowed to have fewer, but it will make it harder for you. You can have more if you really want, but you will be charged more (city-by-city decision as to how much more) and your team will have an asterisk next to its name on the national scoreboard. Often, the puzzles will be on a piece of paper or two, which can make collaborating with a large team difficult.

How much does it cost to register for DASH?
The team registration fee is a city-by-city decision. It can vary based on their expected overhead for obtaining permits and insurance; if the city decides to offer food or snacks (or nothing); and other city specific decision that may impact their budget.