Volunteer Roles

DASH Volunteer Roles

Want to help with DASH 12? We are looking for City Lead volunteers to coordinate DASH in their cities. If you have questions or would like to help, please email dash12 . Thanks for considering volunteering!

Role Details

The sections below provide detailed descriptions of the roles required to create and run a DASH event.

DASH Director

This role is typically performed by the Puzzle Manager or Events Manager (or both). Major tasks are done in collaboration with Puzzle Manager and Events Manager.

Major tasks:

Puzzle Manager

Four sub-roles associated with puzzle development (Playtest Coordinator, ClueKeeper Lead, Page Designer, and Production Lead) are described in the following sections. The Puzzle Manager can perform these tasks or recruit assistants to take those responsibilities.

In addition, major tasks for the Puzzle Manager are:

Playtest Coordinator (Puzzle Manager sub-role)

Support Puzzle Manager by coordinating playtesting and feedback.

Major tasks:

ClueKeeper Lead (Puzzle Manager sub-role)

Support Puzzle Manager by managing ClueKeeper content.

Major tasks:

Page Designer (Puzzle Manager sub-role)

Support Puzzle Manager by creating puzzle pages. The Page Designer maintains the "master" version of the puzzle pages once they are put into a standard format, typically after individual puzzle testing and before full-set playtesting.

Major tasks:

Production Lead (Puzzle Manager sub-role)

Support Puzzle Manager by arranging for physical material production and shipping.

Major tasks:

Story Lead

Major tasks:

Puzzle Author

Major tasks:

Events Manager

The central point of contact for all City Leads. The Events Manager is the first to field questions from City Leads, and ensures all necessary information is communicated to and from City Leads.

Major tasks:

City Lead

In charge of setting up and running DASH in their city. Typically, only one per city, although two or more people could share this role for a city.

Each city has a budget that its local organizers can spend as they see fit on various things that are needed to make the event happen in their city. We don't mandate how cities spend their budgets because specific needs vary from city to city based on the size of the event, the venues/locations used along the route, the number of volunteers needed, and how the organizers want to distribute puzzle materials. Some cities need to pay for permits or insurance, while others need to rent one or more venues, and most cities need office supplies. Game-day food for volunteers, snacks and bottled water for players and staff, and similar costs can also be paid for out of the city's discretionary budget. (The costs of printing, manufacturing, and shipping of puzzle materials to each city are not part of the city-specific budget; those costs are paid for directly by the teams when they register for DASH. The city-specific budgets are determined based on the total number of teams that register in each city.)

Major tasks:


Major tasks:

Social Media Coordinator

Major tasks:

Graphic Designer

Major tasks: