DASH4 - April 28, 2012


Here, for your enjoyment, are the nine puzzles that compose DASH 4.


  1. Each clue has its own Clue Value, which is a number between 20 and 90. This is a GAST (generous average solve time).
  2. If you complete a clue without hints, you are awarded points equal to the GAST value.
  3. In addition, you can receive one BONUS point for every minute less than the GAST that you solve the clue.
  4. Hints are available from GC at each location. They are meant to be personalized based on how much of a hint you want. Once you've taken a hint, all further hints for that clue are free.
  5. If you take a Hint on any clue, you lose your opportunity for extra credit and the clue becomes worth 90% of its original Clue Value.
  6. Verification of information is free, but this should not be abused. GC will warn you before charging you a hint.
  7. An Example: Clue 1 has a Clue Value of 30 points. If you solve it in 25 min, you will receive 30 + (30-25) = 35 points. If you take a hint and solve it in 25 minutes, you receive (30 * .9) = 27 points. If you take a hint and solve it in 45 minutes, you still receive 27 points. This is to encourage lagging teams to take hints and catch up because solving all clues will be more fun and increase your score.